Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What CV file types can I use?

    You can upload any CV on a .doc .docx or pdf file.

  2. How many CV’s can I upload to my account?

    No limit

  3. I’ve applied for a job, what’s next?

    You will see details of the job in the My Account page. Next to the job you can view the status of your application. It will be set to either ‘Received ‘Unsuccessful’ or ‘Successful’ Employers may choose to contact you directly if you have provided an email address or telephone number.

  4. Is there a limit to how many jobs I can apply for?

    There is no limit

  5. What is the objective of TayJobs?

    To give the jobseekers of Tayside access to local vacancies. Check out our ‘About Us’ section.


  1. How long can I have a job listed on TayJobs?

    Jobs can be listed for 28 days

  2. Can I remove my job at any time?

    Yes you can

  3. Can I edit details of my job vacancy while it is live?

    Yes you can

  4. I don’t have a PayPal account; can I still post a job?

    Yes you can, PayPal will accept you as a guest without having to register with them.

  5. I’ve posted a job, what next?

    Your job will be listed quickly as soon as we’ve moderated it.

  6. Why moderate it?

    At TayJobs, we appreciate that most jobs will be ok. But we have to ensure that job listings do not discriminate against specific user groups and comply with ‘The Equality Act 2010’ Full details can be found on our T&C

  7. How do I list a Vacancy?

    Listing your vacancy can be done quickly and easily:

    • Simply go to your account page
    • Order an Ad Slot
    • Click on ‘Add New Vacancy’
    • Input details of your job
    • Job will be listed once moderated.
  8. How much does an Ad Slot cost?

    The more jobs listings you order, the cheaper it is per listing. Click here for details

  9. What can I see on My Account Page?

    If you have listed a job you will be able to view the following:

    • Status of your job listing
    • How many applications you have received
    • Contact details of the applicants
    • CV’s and covering letters of applications.
  10. How do I contact the applicants?

    You can contact them via email or telephone if they have provided contact details. You can also contact them via the inbuilt Feedback Manager.

  11. What is the Feedback Manager?

    • When a job application has been made, it will appear next to an Amber dot on both Jobseeker and Employer Pages. This informs the applicant that you have received their application.
    • If you mark the job as ‘Successful’ it will show up next to a Green dot informing the applicant.
    • If you mark the application as ‘Unsuccessful’ a Red Dot will appear informing both you and the jobseeker.

    The feedback manager allows you to quickly and easily let your applicants know the status of their application. This will increase your efficiency and may reduce the resource spent answering applicant feedback requests.